During David’s tenure at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), he served as a physicist first, then mathematician and electronics engineer, and for 18 years as Group Leader in the Time and Frequency Division. The Division provides the basic standards for the U.S. in the areas of frequency, time, time interval, and length. These standards are coordinated both nationally and internationally to insure compatibility of measurements. The Division maintains primary cesium beam frequency standards; undertakes research and development on new and improved standards and measurement methods; extends related, accurate measurements to other derived standards throughout the electromagnetic spectrum; actively compares the NIST standards with others, both nationally and internationally; and provides access to the standards via various dissemination services. In his role as Group leader, his comprehensive scientific, engineering and management skills are sought to aid applied projects related to national interest and to highest-precision timing applications for industry and government. Throughout his career he has received numerous invitations to speak at conferences, symposia, and seminars throughout the world, leading to nomination and receipt of Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Society, the world’s largest electronic society.

David Howe is currently a University of Colorado Senior Professional Research Advisor

He is a subject matter expert who provides consulting, research, and analysis for industrial, military, and commercial users related to precise timing.
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